Just finished putting together my package for a school visit with Suzanne’s 4th grade class

With every school visit I make I try to provide the kids with an enriching experience that will both inspire and help them to grow. My most recent package includes:

  1. An art exercise and accompanying parent permission slip. With parental permission I will post each child’s art online so they can be proud and show it off to all their friends and relatives.
  2. An art critique exercise for the students to give me feedback on some of my clay artwork.
  3. A singed letter from me to each student to remember the experience by.
  4. A free personalized Alien Alphabet bookmark with the student’s name on it.

During the visit itself I will:

  • Explain the role of a writer’s critique group and how that helps a writer to make a better story and become a better writer.
  • Explain the journey most authors take toward becoming published. Explain the role of an agent and publisher and the writing and editing process.
  • Explain how to critique a picture book story.
  • Read one of the stories I am actively seeking publication on.
  • Have the students give me a critique on my story and explain that they will help my story to be better.
  • Read a second one of my stories that I’m actively seeking publication on.
  • Have the students critique this story.
  • Wrap up my school visit with the announcement of the freebies that their teacher is about to hand out and say goodbye and thank you!

I can’t wait, this is going to be another really great visit!

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