#NESCBWI Spring Conference (Friday Reflections)

Today was such a fantastic day at the children’s writing conference!  I met a whole lot of great and interesting people, and introduced myself to the writing community at the open mic.  Too many great people to mention all of them, but I wanted to give a shout out to a few specific people.

Alicia Gregoire hosted a really fun open mic session.  I signed up to be the first to speak and made some great new “fans” and even got my first groupie!  Well, okay, Jan and Karin are not really groupies but we were all having a lot of fun nonetheless.  Open mic was a lot of fun and if the video I made came out half-decent I’ll post it.  After me Matt read some interesting poetry and then @papajfunk knocked out a homerun with a great breakfast food gone wild story.

After the open mic I met up with folks from my region including Tamar Shay, another author/illustrator who a few years back invented a baby paperwork organizer.
From there Heather Kelly (@HeatherGKelly) came up to me and started chatting.  We both eventually realized that earlier in the week she had answered the questions I asked about the conference on Twitter.  It was a ton of fun to hang with Heather and her friends tonight!

When I have a chance I’ve got some photo’s to post. It’s too late now, almost 2 AM.  I’m always staying up too late!  Good night.

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